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You have contacted OFFSHORE INCORPORATIONS LIMITED (we are not the OIL Group) in order to form an online offshore company or an offline business based overseas for your entrepreneurial needs. As our name suggests, you are only going to be directed from this website to offshore formation services that are "limited" to the very best offshore formation companies and agents available. Our website will never refer you to a company that is not already proven to be the best at what they do.

Let us first define what an offshore incorporation is so that you can more effectively decide what you really need. An offshore company formation is any company that you have formed outside the jurisdiction of your home country. For example if you are a Canadian and order a Marshall Islands incorporation or a Singapore company formation then that will be an offshore company formation because it is outside the domicile or jurisdiction of your home country. If you are from New Zealand and you order a U.S. company formation because you need it to do business within the U.S. then that U.S. company that you operate will be an offshore incorporation for you.

Offshore Incorporations Limited, will direct you via banners on this website to formation agents and services that can set up the right offshore company for your offline or online business goals because we realise that one size does not fit everyone, therefore, it is best to consult with one of our partners via the banners on our site. Click on the banners and they can direct you to the very best offshore company formation services that can tailor make the right corporation for your business needs. In this day and age of online business it is important that you get advice that you can trust. Our partners have that advice and they will help you in understanding the best structure that is perfect for your particular business.

Our recommended overseas business incorporation service offers an all inclusive corporate solution for the formation and maintenance of offshore based businesses. Their services are created to satisfy all requirements of both small and medium businesses and this includes both start-ups and foreign companies. They offer a complete turnkey operation. When you contact our chosen overseas company formation experts, you will converse one-on-one with a business advisory team member. These people are highly trained company secretaries and accountants who specialize in company formation and registration. When you call them you will be in contact with a live specialist and not an answering machine. They will help you make the right choices.

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The clients of our expert offshore company formation agency are located worldwide and they range from individuals to small and medium businesses and on up to Fortune 500 companies. These clients were drawn to the mission and passion of our recommended company because it offers the finest service with absolute efficiency and maximum productivity in assisting new clients with getting their businesses up and running efficiently and smoothly. So now is the time to take the first step forward and contact our recommended offshore incorporation services company. It will be the most sensible business decision you can make today.

Our #1 recommended company was the very first company of its kind to start an online Singapore company registration website in the late 1990's. This was a landmark decision for offshore minded entrepreneurs who require a speedy incorporation service. Because it had its own unique software, it was also the first Singapore company incorporations service provider to deliver incorporated companies within only one to three hours. They have formed and registered thousands of companies thus far and they can make the process of incorporating an offshore company such as a Marshall Islands company both quick and painless for you. In fact, if everything you provide is in order, they can speed up the incorporation process so it takes only one hour.

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The pricing is also very competitive and our expert team is dedicated to offering you both quality and timeliness. You will get both competitive and transparent pricing from our recommended overseas incorporations company, and you will not be shocked with any hidden fees or unexpected charges. They are upfront with all costs, and with how speedily they can process your order, therefore, you will know exactly what will be delivered to you and when it will be completed. This is not like most companies who are scared to reveal everything to a client because they think the client will not purchase if they do. Our chosen company does not operate like that.

Not only do they create Singapore companies for their clients, but they also offer incorporation services for Marshall Islands offshore company formations, British Virgin Islands offshore incorporations, Seychelles Islands offshore companies, and Hong Kong company incorporations. Want to know which company is right for you? Please click on one of the banners you see on our website here and you will be placed in contact with our offshore incorporations partner. Keep in mind that their business hours are 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. You can also email them outside of Singapore business hours. Don't put it off. Do it today. Find out which company is right for your needs. Remember, Our offshore corporation formation referrals via this site are restricted to only the most excellent offshore company formation specialists in the field of offshore incorporations and the offshore company services industry.

Disclaimer: We are not licensed legal advisors, so that is why we do not make any personal recommendations. What you read on this site are general recommendations. Please consult with the companies that you can access via banners on our site to get recommendations and advice for your business goals. They are the best experts at what they do. All responsibility passes to you and to the legal experts you consult. We accept no responsibility for any wrong decisons you may make in the future and no responsibility for any losses you incur because of your own decisions. You should in fact be gaining and not losing. Please seek out the laws in your own country so you can stay compliant with those laws in deciding to form an offshore company and know the laws in your country to maintain it. You may have to fill out forms and submit them to your government. Please know what those asset transfer or offshore company forms are and file them in a timely mannner. Do not get us confused with the OIL Group either. They have a different website than ours.




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